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Mumbai Refrigeration deals in all types of ice cube machines from as small as 20 kgs to upto 2000 kg of ice machines. We are Blue Star dealers for Ice cube machine and have all Blue Star ice cube machine. Blue Star has a tie up with NTF, Italy from where it sources the ice machines which are then marketed, distributed and serviced by Blue Star dealers of ice cube machines.


We at Mumbai refrigeration are Blue Star dealers for all commercial refrigeration products including Deep freezers, Water coolers, Water dispensers, Bottle coolers, Visi coolers, Vertical chillers and freezers, Wine coolers and Ice cube machines. This site is dedicated to Blue Star ice cube machines and is mainly for the reference of our customers.

Blue Star is India’s leading air conditioners and refrigeration products company and hence we trust only Blue star to provide you with a sophisticated ice making technology which converts water to ice in five different shapes.

We deal in five different types of Ice cube machines. They are listed as follows

Diced Ice Cube Machine

Diced Ice Cube MachineThe Diced ice cube machine is one of the most commonly used Ice machines. Diced ice is a cut cone shaped ice cube. It is crystalline and has high staying power therefore making your drinks chilled for a longer period of time. Our Dice ice machines are sold mainly in restaurants with a higher number of walkins. The Blue Star Diced ice machine comes in quantities of as small as 20 kg / 24 hour upto 300 kg / 24 hour (5–6 variants).

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Technical Specifications of Diced ice cube machine

Diced Ice Cube machine Technical specifications

Bullet Ice Maker

Bullet Ice machine

The Bullet ice has recently seen an increase in demand especially in A grade hotels because of the style element involved. The Bullet ice is hollow shaped and and provides a larger surface area for the cooling of drinks. This smooth surface and soft touch makes it elegant for all kinds of drinks. The advantage of Blue Star Bullet ice maker is also that it can deal efficiently with hard water at the same time providing Bullet ice in quantities of 310 kg / 24 hours and 480 kg / 24 hours.

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Technical Specifications of Bullet ice cube machine

Bullet Ice cube machine technical specifications


Pyramid Ice Machine

Pyramid Ice Machine

Used mainly for its higher production capacities, the pyramid ice machine gives quantities of 200 kg / hr, 400 kg / hr and 750 kg / hr. The pyramid ice stands apart from other types of ice machines because of its 7 faceted shape which is unique and provides a refreshing break from other types of ice cubes.

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Technical Specifications of Pyramid ice cube machine

Pyramid Ice cube machine technical specifications

Flake Ice Machine

Flake Ice machine

Largely used in Pharmaceuticals, chemical, as bedding and other medicinal applications, the Ice flaker or Flake ice machine provides you with flat sub cooled flakes which are very simple to store, handle and dose. The flake ice machine provides flakes which are at -5 to -10 degrees but the contact temperature is as high as -26 degrees. We have sold these kind of Ice machines mainly to pharmaceuticals companies and distributors as well as in fisheries for bedding. The machine gives various quantities of ice flakes which are 90 kgs / 24 hours, 150 kgs / 24 hours, 500 kgs / 24 hours, 1000 kgs / 24 hours. As Flake ice machines find applications in pharma, their electrical consumption has been kept at the optimal level.

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Technical Specifications of Ice Flaker

Snow maker technical specifications

Snow Maker

Snow Maker

The Snow maker provides high quantities of granular flakes which are used in pharmaceuticals and chemicals especially in exothermic reactions. Snow makers do not find much use in commercial sector but are mainly used for industrial purposes. The Blue Star Snow maker is ideal for storage of sea foods, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. The Snow Maker, like other blue star ice cube machines boasts of having minimal maintenance and low running costs.

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Technical Specifications of Snow Maker

Flake ice machine technical specifications

Salient Features of Blue Star Ice Cube Machines

  • Power saving components and energy saving design
  • Totally safe
  • Perfect shapes
  • Water content control
  • Stainless steel body
  • Self standing
  • Space saver
  • Sprayers are utilized
  • Auto stop and start
  • Low noise


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